What We Do

For Individuals

Do you want bad days to be better days?

If you suffer from a chronic condition, we support you on your journey to improvement.

Wherever you are, whatever your budget, we are here to help—with medical exercise programs, one-on-one sessions, research participation, evidence-based tools and resources.

For Organizations

Are you a company, community, or group who wants to bring better health to your members, residents or employees?

Whether your population has chronic conditions (like 6/10 Americans!) or is looking to prevent them, we can customize workshops and presentations that will provide concrete practices to improve life, now.

For medical professionals

Are you a medical professional who wants partnership and collaboration?

At The Life Energy Foundation, our programs have been created to address common obstacles to a healthier lifestyle! Send your patients to us—and we’ll use our evidence-based programs to help them overcome these obstacles and secure a path to better heath.