Current Programs

Our medical fitness programs are designed to improve health and resilience—so more days are better days.

When you have a chronic disease or condition, every day can be different. And every day can be difficult! From just waking up and getting ready, to going to work or fixing dinner, you face challenges at every step. We know, first-hand!

About Our Programs

There’s an ebb and flow when it comes to chronic conditions. Some days, it feels like we’re wrestling with the current. Some days, we have to learn how to swim ashore. And some days, when the current is in our favor, we need to learn to sit back and enjoy the ride. There’s no doubt: life with chronic conditions can be unpredictable.

At The Life Energy Foundation, our programs are designed to not only improve your health, but to give you confidence—so that you can enjoy the good days, and have resilience through the hard ones.


Improving life & health for those with diabetes, hypertension, high-cholesterol or obesity.

Location: MD/DC-Area, or online
In this 12-week program, we provide a blueprint and evidence-based, guided tools to help prevent and manage Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic conditions. For participants, this course has resulted in improved numbers and a better quality of life.

Improving life & health for those who want to manage chronic conditions, and those who want to avoid them.

Location: Online
Being healthy is hard, especially when you don’t know which path to take. This 30-day, self-monitored online program provides action-steps to help you feel better. For participants, it has resulted in increased energy, reduced stress, weight loss, better sleep, and improved blood pressure and cholesterol.

Regarding health insurance coverage: Currently, the health care system does not generally cover for Medical Exercise and Post Rehab Training. However, there have been some instances where our clients have been reimbursed. It is reimbursable in most cases through FSA and HSA. We are working diligently, on your behalf, with insurance providers and corporate wellness/HR departments to secure coverage or partial funding for our programs.