Floor 2 Feet: A Medical Exercise Pilot Program

Make yourself more fall resilient, improve your quality of life and have some fun in the process!

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Have you ever just blurted out a not-so-nice word when something has rolled under a bed or furniture, and you now must get down on the floor to get it? Or your adorable grandchildren are begging for you to play twister …yeah, that will go well. There is that hesitation that happens, it hurts, or you know it will take you 15 minutes to get back up if you can at all.

Aging takes its toll and being sedentary adds to that, I will not mention the situation we have all been in the past several blur years. It is time to change, as spring is around the corner (okay a really long corner!). We have developed a program geared specifically to improve your ability to do just that – get up and down off the floor.

Studies show that the ability to get up and down off the floor is directly linked to longevity. Yep, that little annoying action of getting down on the floor and back up might be your ticket to longevity and not just years, but increased function too. Make yourself more fall resilient, improve your quality of life and have some fun in the process!

Program Goals:

  1. Reduce falls improve function and independence
  2. Build strength for the purpose of enabling participants to get down and up off the floor safely 
  3. Reduce anxiety and build confidence resulting in participating in activities you enjoy, like socializing, travel, and grandchildren.

You should Participate if:

  • You want to be able to safely get up and down off the floor
  • Reduce your risk of falling
  • Increase daily living functionality (IADLs)
  • Increased function for participating in activities you love but may have held back

What you will receive:

  • Initial assessments and orientation 
  • 10 weekly classes lead by certified instructors at Launch Physical Therapy
  • Educational material on sleep, mindfulness, age-appropriate nutrition and more.
  • Final report on your progress through the program, with recommendations on next steps to ensure continued success. 
  • Wearable ($100.00 value – that you get to keep) that tracks your weekly activity, sleep, heart rate, along with assistance in setting it up. This will be linked to your profile to track activity and heart rate for use in designing and improving this program. 
  • Workbook with all exercises and handouts covered in the 10 weeks for reference after the program ends
  • Exclusive access to Floor 2 Feet YouTube Channel with videos of exercises and added educational content. 

Class Outline:

  • 10-15 min Open Share & Education
  • 10-12 min warm-up
  • 25 min Exercises
  • 15 min cool down and stretch
  • 5 min homework, Q&A

Program Overview:

Initial Assessments:
30-minute assessment will be booked within 2 weeks of start date.

Frequency: Meet in person one (1) time a week for ~1.25 hours

Post Program Assessments:
30-minute post assessment will be schedule within 1 week of last class

Day/Time: TBD

Location: TBD


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Physician approval may be required.

Regarding health insurance coverage: At this time, we are working diligently, on your behalf, with insurance providers and corporate wellness/HR departments to secure coverage or partial funding for our programs. It should be covered by FSA & HSA, please check with your provider.