Achieve: Medical Exercise Program

Improving life & health for those with diabetes, hypertension, high-cholesterol or obesity.

Next Start Date: TBD
Location: MD/DC-Area, or online

You are not alone. 34 million people have Type 2 Diabetes, and another 88 million are suspected of prediabetes. Those with the disease spend 2.3 times higher than average on medical costs! The good news is, with proper lifestyle changes, prediabetes can be averted, and Type 2 Diabetes can be managed effectively, eliminating all medications in some cases. Our 12-week medical exercise program will guide you in adopting new behavior patterns and provide support for ongoing success.

As a participant, you will be guided through a series of learning and action steps enabling you to make informed choices to achieve your desired outcome of lowering high blood pressure, losing weight and managing blood sugar (A1C). This program for diabetes prevention/management and weight loss utilizes strategies for self-efficacy, enhancement through customized feedback, and reinforcement. We utilize a variety of platforms to initiate behavior change, from focused, weekly group meetings to individual check-ins.

Prescreening questionnaire and a Physician’s release are required to participate in the program.

Program Goals:
  • Increased energy to live better and enjoy activities you want to participate in
  • Significantly reduce A1C numbers, blood pressure and weight
  • Learn specific exercises and nutrition guidelines tailored for your continued improvement
  • Improve sleep quality for increased health and cognitive benefits
You Should Participate if:
  • You have recently been told you have Type 2 Diabetes or are pre-diabetic
  • Your physician or health care provider has identified a health concern and told you to lose weight, exercise or eat better
  • You want to increase energy levels and lose some weight
  • You want to reduce the amount of medications and their side effects
  • You have a family history of Diabetes or High Blood Pressure and want to mitigate your risk
What Participants Receive:
  • Membership to a Health Club for duration of program (3 months). Or equipment that enables participation from home.
  • Activity Tracker for those that qualify
  • Meetings one-on-one with a Licensed Nutritionist
  • 12 weekly topic-focused group meetings led by certified professionals
  • Follow-up 15 minute consultations with the Program Leader for support to ensure success
  • Access to 100+ online classes including aerobics, spin, strength training and yoga (or in-person classes if at a health club).
  • Guidance or design of appropriate exercise program based on current level of fitness. Will be given via PDF or Dropbox link.
  • Non-judgmental, supportive environment geared toward achievable behavior change
  • Tools to develop a personalized eating and fitness program for continued maintenance
  • Options to purchase add-on support at reduced pricing (only offered to those paying for program)
  • Reports sent to physician at the beginning and end of program to track progress

Regarding health insurance coverage: At this time, we are working diligently, on your behalf, with insurance providers and corporate wellness/HR departments to secure coverage or partial funding for our programs. It should be covered by FSA & HSA, please check with your provider.

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