Decompress – It is Life Extending

Stress, that dirty four-letter word everybody experiences yet never owns up to. There is good stress (exercise) and bad (chronic video conferencing) both affect the body the same way or so research tells us. Huh? How can that be? I go to the gym and work out, and that is handled by my body the same as if I spent 5 hours being tortured? Some people would consider going to the gym torture, for the sake of this article, pretend you love to exercise.

I have to disagree and I don’t have any big studies (I can find a few small ones) to back me up. What I do know is when my daughter graduated from grad school, we had to plan the celebration from up in the DC area (she was in Blacksburg VA) for several family members, some coming from as far as Hawaii. Drive down, entertain, sometimes up until 2am, starting our day at 8am, attending both ceremonies with no rest in between. Interestingly enough I felt pretty good, somewhat tired, but got through the entire four-day weekend. This was a miracle! On the other hand, I have had one conversation with my sister, and it has put me in bed for a day. How was that possible? Doesn’t everything on the internet have to be true and it clearly states stress is stress.

So, we go to my philosophy on stress (and this comes from over 28+ years of seeing people change posture from one session to the next). When we look at stress as manageable, it does not affect us the same as when we look at it overwhelming us. The problem arises because we can’t always choose to engage in activities we want or fulfill us. Take work for example, how many people love their job, I mean really love their job. I think we all have days that just beat us down, now think about that week in and week out. Not mention family, they can really push our hot buttons.

In order to combat stress that deeply affects our brain, muscles, joints and emotions, we need to decompress. When you take the time to breathe, relax, restore, you do better in life no matter what. Decompressing is like sleep, the usual reasons you can’t are: “I just can’t find the time” “I am literally so tired, I just can’t” “I have to catch up on (favorite binge show)” Sound familiar?

Well, this how important I think Decompressing is. I am now offering a free 30-day program. Yep, I said FREE! My gift to all the stressed people out there, restore, see if you don’t feel better.